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Future Notes (volume seven)


The First 50 copies includes a bonus hand stamped print :)

Sketchbook designs and doodles from 2023-24

Risograph printed cover + internal pages
70 pages
limited edition of 200
each book is signed, stamped and numbered

I like busy drawings, I like clever drawings, I like technical drawings, I like funny drawings, I like old drawings, I like new + weird drawings and if you do a drawing ... I'll always want to see it.
Here's my favourite pages from recent sketchbooks - the home of all my ideas.
I love the roughness of these sketches and weird notes to myself.
Little lines that grow into new things - notes for the future.
I hope it makes you want to draw.

+each copy includes bonus stickers
printed on Gadigal Land by Pinch Press

each cover is unique and has colour variations due to the nature of the manual printing process.