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Quest for Kool


I've collaborated with the super talent Chris Flynn to bring Kirrip to life for the Melbourne Museum alongside there Gondwana Garden project.

Each copy comes with a bonus fun Kirrip sticker


Are you ready to hurtle through space and time?

Do you have what it takes to find the mysterious Koolasuchus?

Join Professor Kirrip on her quest to uncover the hidden secrets of this ancient amphibian. She’ll come across everything from a chatty marsupial lion to some hungry toothed seabirds … but will she ever find a Koolasuchus?

Learn fascinating facts about Australia’s geological time periods, from the Cretaceous to the Holocene, and meet the incredible animals that inhabited them in this exciting educational adventure for curious readers.

The Quest for Kool draws on the state-of-the-art scientific content developed for a brand-new permanent exhibition at Melbourne Museum: Gandel Gondwana Garden.

For bonus fun, find the tiny bilby hidden in each scene!

Author: Chris Flynn
Illustrator: David Booth (ghostpatrol)
ISBN: 9781921833618
Publisher: MV Publications
Date of Publication: 20 October 2022
Number of Pages: 32
Format: Hardcover
Product Dimensions (cm): 27.5 x 23.5
Age range: 5+